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We present our SPA-programs in the  Massage Old Prague!

 Body to Body  Massage

 30 min-1500 czk/60 eur 

Shared shower, touch, body 1 Relax

Program with tactile pleasures, which will have more tenderness, passion and hot attention to your body. Everything will start in a warm shower, where you will be gently taken "for all the pleasure" by the caring hands of a masseuse and then add aromatic oil, gel and female fire. In the shower, the girl will allow you more than usual, she will be very happy to feel your excitement and impatience. Then she will carefully dry you with a towel and invite you to the massage table. You are a precious guest. You are in the hands of our masseuse and now she has only one intimate desire - to give you an unforgettable relaxation. The program includes body and lingam massage.

  Tantra Massage
 1hour -1800 czk 

You will find a classic and Tantra massage with a point study of all your cherished areas and relaxation, as a mandatory goal of intimate magic. In this program, everything is fine-the introduction, flirting, development, but the main thing is the girl. Her figure, her smile and her magic hands, because the whole program is based on her technique and skill. Do I need to tell you what awaits you next, on the classic and erotic massage? We will only hint that our girls have no equal in the desire to give you an unforgettable pleasure.

Nuru Massage 
1 hour 2000 czk/80 eur

 It is the most exotic program from the menu - using the body massage technique and gel Nuru, and also many other techniques.

The birthplace of Nuru massage is considered to be Japan, where the love art of geisha was historically brought to perfection. Thanks to the super-sensitive tactile and caring procedures included in the Nuru relaxation complex, you will "fly away" like a Japanese aristocrat on an elite vacation. You can reach these heights of bliss without sexual contact, but only through an intensive exchange of sexual energy with a naked masseuse. Relaxation sensonor is a brilliant kaleidoscope of erotic sensations in weightlessness after the massage.

Body to Body Massage
 1 hour -2000 czk/80 eur 

In a body to body massage, the therapist use the whole body to stimulate the client,

it is very erotic and gives you maximum pleasure and relaxation.

The body to body massage is performed on the bed,

so you d be able to be fully relaxed.

You pick up the lovely masseuse or masseur of your choice.

Warm oil is used by a masseuse to rub her naked body over yours,

you will feel pampered and sexually aroused,

the massage ends with complete relaxation - happy ending.

Tantra Massage for 1hour- 2 masseuses 3000czk

 Shower, touch, simulation of sex (ability to change poses), 2 massage masters.
 Two girls will caress you "like a native ", bringing you to a state of bliss and relaxation. Fly away and come back to them again , play in explicit poses and touch the girls without hesitation, they will be only too happy. Four- hand massage or synchronous massage is (at least) twice the aesthetic and erotic pleasure. Sign up !


Prices for Outcall Massage
 Erotic Body to Body Massage 

1 hour 2500 czk  /100€ (incl taxi)

 Pussy cat Massage 
 1 hour 2500 czk/ 100€

Massage Sweet Dreams

Duration: 01 hour. 00 min. Cost: 4000czk /160 euro

 Swedish Massage  

1 Hour 2000czk 

Lingam massageThe most common way is with gentle female hands

 Lingam is translated from Sanskrit as "Rod of Light". And our techniques include magic tricks with names that are exciting in themselves. "Embrace of the Eight-Armed Goddess", "Butterfly Wings", "Techniques of the Seven Winds", "Sweet Captivity", "Endless Entrance" and many others. It's better to feel it once than to describe it a hundred times.
 massage, Lingam massage is beneficial for health, blood circulation (and male potency).


You can order my massage,"Massage from Juliet"
Since 2008 i have been doing massages in Prague,i have strong  and healing energy in my hands,this especially helps people with stress,I also worked as a masseuse in America and Canada,I have certificates from these countries.My energy is in my hands.
Peace for everyone.